All About the Year-End Process in Dentrix

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The Dentrix program handles the 'year end' close process no different than a regular Month End close.  Dentrix does not have a specific button, function, or feature titled e.g. 'Year End,' 'Close Year,' etc; but instead, Dentrix just uses a standard 'Month Close' feature.


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Brief Explanation: 
When closing a month, Dentrix will consider the 'Fiscal Year' for the practice and 'Benefit Renewal Date' for individual insurance plans.  If the Fiscal Year is set in the Practice Resource Setup (e.g. January) then when closing the month prior to this (e.g. December), this will cause the YTD and MTD figures to reset to zero for the new fiscal year. 

Likewise, there is a 'Benefit Renewal Date' set on each insurance plan (e.g. set to January) and when closing out of the month just prior to 'Benefit Renewal Date' (e.g. December), then the benefits used and applied will be reset for the new year on all patients with insurance plans of the Benefit Renewal Date respectively.

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All About the Year-End Process in Dentrix

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